12 Conditioning Masks For Strengthening and Restoring Damaged Hair

Regarding the types of conditioning masks to look for, Vargas tells us there are two main options: moisture-based and protein-based. Keep in mind that heat styling and color treatments can often strip hair of its proteins and impact its bonds, so the goal is to remedy this.

“Moisture-based conditioning masks will keep your hair soft and manageable while protein-based conditioning masks improve elasticity, bounce, and your hair’s ability to retain moisture,” she shares, adding that alternating the two (once weekly) is good for balancing your hair. If you find your hair is limp or doesn’t hold a curl all day, Vargas recommends going for protein-based masks no more than once a week to avoid overloading your hair. However, you can be a bit more liberal with moisture-based conditioners as all hair craves hydration.

If you want to up the ante during your next deep conditioning sesh, take it from Vargas and use a hair steamer or warm, damp towel to help open the hair’s cuticles first. This allows the mask to penetrate deeper, which is a game-changer for those with low porosity hair. Keep reading for 12 of the best conditioning masks for damaged hair repair.