Prince Louis on the Beach for Delightful Fourth Birthday Photos

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Happy Birthday, Prince Louis! 

Kensington Palace released four photos of Prince Louis to mark his fourth birthday tomorrow. All were taken by his mother, The Duchess of Cambridge. 

More from The Telegraph’s story by Hannah Furness. 

The low-key photoshoot took place on the coast in Norfolk, believed to be Holkham Beach, which is around a 35-minute drive from the Cambridges’ country home of Anmer Hall and known to be a Royal family favourite.

The Duke and Duchess themselves were filmed there for a short clip celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary last year.

In two of the images, he holds an orange cricket ball, looking confident and casual.

Here is one of the social media posts from KP. 

The Daily Mail notes, “The windswept north Norfolk coast holds a special place in the Cambridges’ hearts. It is where the family can unwind together by climbing sand dunes, learning to sail, or taking a bracing dip in the sea.”

The young Prince has grown quite a bit since we last saw him in the family’s Christmas card photo.

One of this year’s photos, side by side with last year’s official birthday picture, really shows the growth.

We return to The Telegraph story. 

They were taken earlier this month, and now join the Duchess’s growing public photograph album of her three children.

The images have become an annual tradition for royal watchers, who enjoy seeing glimpses of the Cambridge children blossoming as they grow up largely out of the public eye.

Below, are three images of the children shot by the Duchess. 

More from this June 2021 People story, quoting award-winning royal photographer Arthur Edwards. 

“I’m a great admirer of Kate’s photography, she’s grasped it very quickly,” Edwards said.

Below, the Duchess at a June 2019 workshop with young people from Action for Children, one of her patronages.

Back to the People article. 

The Duchess of Cambridge is often behind birthday portraits of her three children…. and other family moments. But one shot in particular really impressed Edwards.

“The picture that I love most that she’s done is William and the three children on the swing,” he said about the photo shared in June 2020 to celebrate Prince William’s 38th birthday. “I would have killed to have taken that picture.”

He continued, “Everybody’s laughing at their mum, and you know that only a mother or a father could get that picture, and it’s an absolute winner. Charlotte with her arm around daddy, you know, ‘daddy’s girl.’ It’s a lovely picture, I was so full of praise for her on that.”

One of my favorites taken by the Duchess: Princess Charlotte’s second birthday photo. 

Prince Louis in one of the photos shot for his second birthday by his mother.

And a photo for Prince George’s sixth birthday taken by the Duchess. 

Here is one more montage, looking at the official fourth birthday photos for all three Cambridge children.

In related news, Matt Porteous, who has shot many pictures for the Cambridge family, including Prince Louis’s christening, and was hired to take photos on their recent Caribbean tour, shared some of his favorites from the tour in an Instagram post this week. 


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