Smudge- and Budge-Proof Korean Eyeliner Is Our Newest K-Beauty Obsession

While there are a plethora of Korean skincare trends worth mentioning, we’re here to fill you in on one of the country’s makeup exports—specifically, Korean eyeliner. With statement-making, graphic eyeliner looks trending in the beauty space, it should come as no surprise that Korean eyeliner is at the top of our shopping lists. What makes Korean eyeliners so special? Korean women and men typically have monolids or hooded lids, which can cause eye makeup products like liner to transfer from the lash line to the lid—or to simply not be visible at all. That’s why Korean eyeliner is formulated to be long-lasting and water- and smudge-proof. Here, we’ve gathered the best Korean eyeliners that will stay put from day to night.