19 Best Minimalist Jewelry Brands That Deliver Simple Luxury

Minimalist style can look a little bit different depending on who you ask, and the same can be said for minimalist jewelry. By definition anything meant to be more pared back might not include in-your-face accessories, however there are countless of-the-moment brands that have excelled at making impactful—sometimes architectural and high-shine—pieces that still feel subtle, effortless, and unique without being gimmicky.

The 19 examples ahead are just the tip of the iceberg. These minimalist jewelry brands represent a small selection of jewelry designs—some fine, some vermeil, many ethically sourced—that offer different approaches to minimalist style. Ahead, you’ll find natural pearl shapes, sculptural brass baubles, and plenty of classic hoops, chains, and bands. Of course, these pieces can be stacked for a more-is-more dressing approach but their beauty truly lies in their simplicity and quality. Get acquainted with each of these celeb-and-fashion-world-loved labels below.