16 Best Body Scrubs That Will Unlock Your Softest Skin

Regular face exfoliation is essential for healthy, glowing skin—but how often are you exfoliating your body? Although it’s another step in your skincare regimen, the benefits are worth the extra time and effort. Not only does it aid in smoothness and softness, but it helps to even out the skin’s texture and boost its radiance.

Before incorporating body exfoliation into your routine, you need to find the proper formulation for your skin and concerns. Perhaps you’re struggling with dry, itchy skin—in that case, opt for a gentle body scrub with nourishing ingredients that help to replenish moisture levels. Or, maybe you’re battling bumps and seeking smoothness, which is where a deep-cleaning scrub with physical and chemical exfoliants can help. No matter your skin’s condition or needs, there’s a body scrub that will help you achieve the skin you desire and deserve. Ahead, we’ve rounded up our top picks that will become mainstays in your routine.