8 Best Self-Tanning Drops for Streak-Free, Sunkissed Skin

You may love the sunkissed glow you achieve by baking in the warm summer sun—but if you’re smart, you know it’s a big no-no. (Hello, skin cancer and premature aging.) Since tanning beds are most definitely not in the cards and traditional self-tanning formulas aren’t always easy to apply, it may seem like you’re out of alternatives. Thankfully, a newer, more user-friendly type of at-home tanning product has hit the market. Enter, self-tanning drops. 

Self-tanning drops stand out from other tanners because of their customizable nature. While they feature the same key ingredient, DHA or dihydroxyacetone, as tanning mousses, creams, and waters, it comes in a more concentrated form. These innovative drops allow you to customize the level of bronze you want sans any streaking or orange tone.