Swap Your Chanel Snow Boots With These Double C-Stamped Sandals

Regality, elegance, effortless luxury—those are just a few words out of hundreds that we could use to describe Chanel. The powerhouse has taken womenswear by storm since its humble beginnings in 1910, when Gabrielle Chanel founded it as a millinery shop in Paris. What began as a boutique for beautifully constructed hats has since turned into a $9 billion dollar label with little black dresses, suiting, tweed and fragrances, and—our favorite—sandals. Popularized in the summer of 2019, Chanel sandals have become a mainstay in the high-fashion circuit, and they aren’t slowing down any time soon.

In honor of our never-ending love for all things featuring interlocking C’s, we’ve rounded up must-have Chanel sandals for every type of summer-loving fashion fan—from vintage tweed iterations to raffia slip-ons.