Crescent Bags Are the Throwback Carryall “Eclipsing” the Baguette

From television reboots to sleek hairstyles, all things ’90s have become popular among the fashion set once again. The decade’s coveted shoulder bag has received the most impressive upgrade so far. First, it was the baguette, which Fendi relaunched with a bang in 2019—and now, it’s the crescent bag. Playful, yet sophisticated, its sculptural shape has taken over at heritage brands and emerging labels alike. 

From traditional Gucci styles to newbies like NEOUS and Nothing Written, the crescent moon-shaped silhouette adds a touch of whimsy to any ensemble. A wealth of fun finishes like luxe fabrications, logo-embossing, and two-tone constructions also play a part in their popularity. By wearing one, a look instantly becomes a statement. If you’re looking to add a modern shoulder bag that gives a nod to our favorite decade of style, consider one of these updated essentials. Prepare for hands-free dressing and shop the best crescent bags for every occasion ahead.