Australian Survivor: Everything You Need to Know About Jordie Hansen, AKA the Joker

Australian Survivor: Blood Vs Water has been wild from the start, with betrayals and blindsides aplenty, but no one’s played a more chaotic game than Jordie Hansen, AKA the Joker.

Jordie came into the game with his brother Jesse Hansen, and has developed a reputation for stirring the pot. This was, as Jesse told us, all a part of the brothers’ strategy for the game.

When POPSUGAR Australia spoke to Jesse about his blindside elimination, Jesse said that he and Jordie went into the game determined to play big games with big moves.

“You can either be in it to get to the end or in it to win it, and my brother and I are in it to win it,” Jesse said. “In the end, means taking some risks that you might not take otherwise.”

Of course, it was Jesse and Jordie’s decision to target Josh that saw Jesse blindsided, with Sam Gash stealing his Hidden Immunity Idol in the process.

Enter: The Joker.

Once Jordie found himself at the bottom of the tribe’s alliance and even briefly eliminated out to Purgatory, Jordie’s gameplay became all about going down swinging.

His goal? Blindside Sam out of the game as payback for Jesse’s elimination, a move he was able to pull off, with the help of his band of misfits, KJ Austin and Shayelle Lajoie, as well as “Juicy” Dave Goodchild and Josh Millgate, who flipped on the majority alliance.

Now that Sam Gash has been eliminated and the once-strong majority alliance is down to Mark and Chrissy Zaremba, it seems it could be anyone’s game.

Whether the Joker’s game will be able to take him to the end remains to be seen — we haven’t forgotten that Mark still has two Hidden Immunity Idols — but regardless, we’re enjoying the ride.

In the meantime, here’s everything you need to know about Jordie Hansen.

He loves surfing and considers it therapeutic

He has a cute dog

He cherishes the women in his life

A landscaper by trade, Jordie is also passionate about radio and even travelled across Australia interviewing “everyday punters” along the way.

He’s passionate about raising money “for families who have a family member undergoing palliative care”, in memory of his late stepmother, Fi Hansen.

You can read more about Fi’s Butterfly Effect and donate to the cause here.

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