The Mini Skirt Renaissance Is Alive and Well—These 5 Outfits Are Proof

ICYMI: The fashion set is utterly obsessed with mini skirts. Rihanna popularized them, Miu Miu overdid them, and TikTok burns for them like the Duke for Miss Bridgerton. As a fashion editor whose job is to stay seasons ahead of the biggest trends, I’ve been charting the mini skirt’s rise since last spring, collecting low-slung micros, hip-hugging skaters, and all sorts of silhouettes in preparation. A full year later, they’re finally having their center-stage moment. To celebrate, I decided to piece together five mini-skirt outfits for every occasion imaginable. 

While punchy versions are usually my go-to, I wanted a mini skirt that’d act as a blank canvas—hence, why I picked Versace’s Greca mini. Jet black in hue with an ever-so-subtle meandering motif and medusa charm on the belt, it was low-key enough for easy spring days and striking enough for all-nighters. Watch our latest episode of How to Style it below to see the garment shape-shift from preppy to edgy and back again.