Our Home Gym

Finally sharing details on our home gym! I spend time almost everyday in what I call my “special space” not only to work out but also clear my mind and have some me time. Over the years I have made fitness part of my daily routine like brushing my teeth or taking a shower. I wanted to create a lifestyle where I stopped being afraid or annoyed by my looming workout, and instead look forward to the time focusing on my own mind and body. During the beginning stages of our home build, we knew we a space like this and it came out even better than we had imagined. We are very fortunate to have this space right in the basement of our home, which makes working out even more accessible each day.

Today I’m sharing the exact products we have in our gym, as well as similar alternatives!

Similar bike here.

Similar rower here.

Another great yoga mat.

Similar baskets here.

Rubber Flooring // Weight Rack // Ankle Weights