The Married At First Sight Participants Are Reuniting and Things Are Set to Reach Boiling Point

Married At First Sight is set to air its Boys and Girls Night tonight (March 23) and we’re certain that a ton of tea is going to be spilled. If you’re unaware of what’s happening, in tonight’s episode, all of the participants will reunite for one last dinner party. 

That includes Selin and of course, who can forget Daniel, who will come face-to-face with Dion for the first time since admitting to having an affair with his wife. 

From the promo, it looks like a few heated words will be exchanged and we really don’t expect anything less. Tonight is also the last episode before the final vows, which is set to air on Sunday, March 27. 

Having a boys and girls night not only brings everyone together but it helps create some much-needed space between the couples. After last night’s episode, we saw that some of the remaining couples are still not able to see eye-to-eye and being this far into the experiment, that’s quite concerning. 

Tamara and Brent ended their last date with an argument and Selina and Cody couldn’t agree on what their future together looked like. 

So having some time away from one another seems like exactly what’s needed. But it’s not all doom and gloom. Domenica and Jack, who have firmly cemented themselves as fan favourites, are going strong. And say what you want about Olivia, but her connection with Jackson is rock solid, with him standing by her side no matter what.

Tune in to tonight’s episode to see what matters are addressed and who reaches boiling point. 

Married At First Sight airs at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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