We Did Some Digging and Found Out Which Married At First Sight Couples Are Still Together

Married At First Sight has been one giant dumpster fire this year, but in saying that, there were some legitimately good matches this time around. Sure, we have disastrous couples like Kate and Matt, Carolina and Dion and Andrew and Holly but then there are pairings like Dom and Jack who we’re rooting for till the very end. 

And whatever your opinion is of Olivia, you need to hand it to her and Jackson — their bond is strong. I mean, after everything she’s done, her man is still by her side. So now that MAFS is in its final weeks, it’s time to take a look at which couples are still together and which ones have bit the dust. 

Tamara and Brent

Things aren’t looking too flash for Tamara and Brent, who have had their fair share of issues on the show. But aside from what we’ve seen on-screen, the couple hasn’t done any interviews together outside of the experiment. 

There are also dating rumours surrounding Brent and fellow MAFS bride Ella after they were both papped enjoying a day on the beach on Valentine’s Day. 

Speaking to The Wash, Brent was questioned about the photos to which he said Ella is just a “good friend”. But it was his response to being asked about Tamara moving on with MAFS groom Mitch that made our ears stand up, with him replying: “Why not? Good luck to them, I guess.” 

Status: Not together

Ella and Mitch

With rumours swirling of Ella and Brent dating and Mitch being spotted with Tamara, it’s pretty easy to figure out if these two are still together. 

Plus, in my humble opinion, queen Ella deserves so much better than Mitch, who’s treated her like crap during their time on the show.

Status: Not together

Domenica and Jack

Not only are Domenica and Jack still together, but apparently, they’re engaged! Speaking to Bec, Cosmi and Lehmo in March, Dom revealed that Jack had met her entire family, saying: “On the weekend it was my birthday, we all had a huge party with my family, Jack was there, it was great.” She also went on to say that the two are “getting along like a house on fire.”

Back in February, the couple was also photographed on a night out with their fellow MAFS participants. 

Status: Still together!

Selina and Cody

In what is possibly a surprise to absolutely no one, Selina and Cody are said to not be together. It’s believed the pair dated until the end of 2021 and split shortly after. Towards the end of December, the two were seen cuddling at a beach in Selina’s hometown, but they are yet to be photographed together in 2022. 

Status: Not together

Olivia and Jackson 

We’re not sure whether we should admire Olivia and Jackson for staying by each other’s side through EVERYTHING that has happened so far, or scratch our heads and question their decisions. As much as Olivia has riled everyone up this year, there’s no denying that her connection with Jackson is one of the strongest the show has ever seen.

So it comes as no surprise that the two are still together, with the Daily Mail reporting that Jackson has moved in with Olivia.

To add to the above, Jackson’s friend Molly, who was shown on Homestays Week, left a Facebook comment, confirming that “they are still together”. 

Status: Still together

Married At First Sight airs at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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