We Tried and Reviewed These Skims Pieces—and Here’s Our Honest Opinion

Comfort: A year-round staple, this Sculpting Short is loosely modeled after the bike short trend that completely took over our social media feeds last summer. The cut, which lands right at mid-thigh, is complimentary to various body shapes and the high double waistband feels smoothing and sculpting all at once. 

Durability: All of the features of these shorts completely retained their functionality no matter how many times I wore them. The seamless construction makes it so that all of the parts that need to lift, lift, all of the parts that need to support, support, and all of the parts that need to smooth, well, smooth.  

Support: Between us, I’ve actually never used a sculpting garment of any kind. Namely, because they scare me. However, this piece totally supported me and didn’t cut off the circulation at my thigh like I thought it would. Also, if you’re anything like  me, you have a dreadful feeling of having the fabric roll up your leg as you walk. Luckily, these shorts stayed in place and didn’t have to constantly be pulled down. Plus, the high-waisted fit gave me an hourglass shape that I really loved. 

Style: I think it would take a few glasses of wine for me to wear these solo around the house (after all, they are slightly see-through), but never say never. In the meantime, I opted to wear these with a high-waisted satin skirt. I was initially hesitant because the skirt’s fabric was really diaphanous and I thought that the short’s outline was going to peek its way through and completely expose me. However, I was pleasantly surprised when this didn’t happen and I’m now using this piece under a number of other skirts and dresses for a smooth look.