Tools of the Trade: What the Pros *Really* Use During Fashion Month

From makeup brushes to hair clips, using the right tools in our beauty routine makes a world of difference. In our quest for a pro-level beauty kit (and pro-level looks), we turned to the experts as they worked at one of the most high-profile beauty events of the year: fashion month. From New York to London and Paris, we were backstage to get the inside scoop on the products and tools makeup artists and hairstylists really use.

What is the pinch-free curler that bends lashes better than all the rest? What brush do stylists use on models’ hair before strutting down the runway? We used our exclusive fly-on-the-wall perspective to gain insight into these questions and more. Ahead, we made a list of the go-to essentials (a.k.a. tools of the trade) that were the main characters at every backstage show during fashion month. Scroll ahead to build your beauty arsenal like the pros.