Rock a Rockstud: 15 Valentino Bags to Add to Your Collection

Italian label Valentino sits at the intersection of art and fashion. Founded in 1960, the Rome-based fashion house’s most recognizable motif is the Rockstud Spike. This design features hardware in the shape of a pyramid, which has been placed on everything from the brand’s wallets and small leather goods to large tote bags.

In more recent years, however, Valentino has leaned into a modern and simplistic style. This shift was spearheaded by Pierpaolo Piccioli, who took creative control in 2016. His designs boast the brand’s updated logo, the VLogo Signature while remaining true to the brand’s roots with subtle hints of the Rockstud Spike. 

Made in Santa Croce, Italy, Valentino handbags are all about craftsmanship. The leather undergoes treatment to ensure durability and quality. Then, it is hand-stitched by one of 150 artisans who specialize in creating specific designs. This time-consuming process results in a luxurious handbag that will last you a lifetime. Ahead, we’ve rounded up 15 Valentino bags to add to your collection.