This is What Will Happen When Queen Elizabeth II Dies

It will be the most monumental death within the royal family since the passing of Princess Diana in 1997. The moment Queen Elizabeth II passes after a 70-year long reign.

The news will be confirmed by Buckingham Palace, and as nations around the world mourn, the question will remain as to what will happen next. While the Queen has shown no signs of slowing down, there has been a comprehensive plan set in place for a long time. 

From Charles taking to the throne to William taking his father’s title, here is what will happen when the Queen dies.

What Happens When the Queen Dies?

As expected, there is a solid plan in place for when the reigning monarch passes. For Queen Elizabeth II, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will receive a coded message saying: “London Bridge is down”.

From there, the 15 countries where the Queen acted as the head of state, including Australia, will be notified of the news, followed by the rest of the Commonwealth countries. 

A Number of Ceremonies Will Take Place Across London

A notice of Her Majesty’s death will be placed on the gates of Buckingham Palace, and an official announcement will be released on the royal family’s official website. 

The city of London will ring the sounds of bells, including Westminster Abbey’s tenor bell, and flags will go down to half-mast. From here, 10 days of mourning will begin, which will see the Queen’s coffin reside in Westminster Abbey until her burial. Members of the public will then be allowed to pay their respects, but this may change due to COVID.

After the 10 days, a state funeral will be held by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

What About Australia?

In Australia, flags will be lowered to half-mast, and Parliament will hold an emergency meeting. According to The Australian, the Governor-General of Australia will announce the new head of state and the Prime Minister will address the country. Both of them will then fly to London to attend the funeral. 

It is also said The Australian Defence Force will fire a number of gun salutes from Hyde Park, London. 

What Happens to Prince Charles?

As the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II, Charles will ascend to the throne and become King. He will most likely take the title of King Charles III and address the country on the evening of the Queen’s death. It has also been confirmed that Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, will become the queen consort.

When Charles first married Camilla, the initial agreement stated that her title will be “Princess Consort” to win over the public who weren’t too fond of her after Princess Diana’s death. But during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, she said it was her “sincere wish” that Camilla was given the title of Queen Camilla.

The announcement of a new king will be made 24 hours after the Queen’s passing and flags will be raised to full mast. It is also assumed that Prince William will take his father’s title of the Prince of Wales. 

When is the King’s Coronation?

Charles’ coronation will happen a few months after the Queen’s death, to allow the family and the nation to mourn.