The Couples Who Have Called it Quits on Married At First Sight 2022

The commitment ceremonies on Married At First Sight happen once a week, but the intensity is enough to stay with you for a couple of days. 

Every Sunday, each couple faces the three experts where they discuss their issues and concerns in front of the other brides and grooms. Before this though, they have to decide whether they want to stay or leave the relationship.

There is a catch though. If one person writes leave while the other says stay, they both need to remain in the experiment for another week.

So let’s take a look at the couples who have called it quits on Married At First Sight.

Holly and Andrew

Are we surprised? If anything, we’re relieved that Holly is now free from Andrew’s abusive behaviour. Their time on MAFS was certainly not an easy one, but things really exploded after Andrew stormed out of the dinner party and walked off the set.

When he didn’t show up to the Commitment Ceremony, expert John Aiken revealed that the Texan had bowed out for good. “[Andrew] has decided not to be a part of the experiment any longer,” he said.

Holly, who was at the ceremony alone, read out a heart-wrenching letter to the entire group, saying how she was “silenced” by Andrew.

“Andrew took my voice, and he silenced me. This is my voice, and believe me, I am here right now to speak for the people who in a relationship have been silenced and who are not believed,” she said.

She then stated that she has decided to leave the experiment, making her and Andrew the first couple to leave MAFS.

Married At First Sight airs at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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