Need a Self-Care Day? Try Our 13 Favorite Revitalizing Sheet Masks

There’s nothing quite like a sheet mask for that coveted hybrid of beauty and self-care. Just slap one on and voila—within 10 to 20 minutes (which you’ll ideally spend winding down and relaxing) a dehydrated and dull complexion can spring back to life with more bounce and brightness.

While sheet masks are one of K-beauty’s most popular and beloved exports, beauty brands from all corners of the globe have been jumping on the sheet mask bandwagon to help us revive and nourish our complexions when they’re in need of some instant TLC.

Below, you’ll find some of the best sheet masks we routinely stock up on. Whether they’re soaked in hydrating essences, slicked with acne-fighting actives, or supercharged with antioxidants, these splurge-worthy and budget-friendly options work wonders to put more pep in your skincare steps.

A word to the wise: while you can experience benefits from a single application, it’s worth integrating sheet masks into your routine on a regular basis for optimal results.