Turn Heads on Date Night With These 17 Suy, Sexy Perfumes

Perfume is powerful. The right personal fragrance can boost your confidence and mood. But what if we told you that scent can also influence attraction and make you more alluring to others. For starters, there are pheromones, our body’s natural aroma, which can heighten feelings of desire for certain people. There are also seductive varieties of perfume.

When we’re headed on a date with a significant other or to meet someone new, spritzing on a sexy perfume can enhance feelings of attraction. If you’re looking for scents that fit the bill, we suggest choosing ones with notes of musk, vanilla, amber, and heady florals that are known to draw people in. Whether you like a floral concoction or prefer something sweet and musky, we’ve rounded up the best sexy perfumes for women that were practically made for seduction.