“I Was Silenced”: Brooke Blurton Takes Aim at Darvid Garayeli as She Opens Up About Their Split

Instagram / @darvgarayeli

Bachelorette Brooke Blurton has opened up about her breakup with Darvid Garayeli, and how her life has been after the very public split. 

Speaking to Matty Mills on NITV’s The Point, Brooke said her life after the show has been “bloody tough”.

“It’s already so hard to navigate. And adding the layers and complexities of a very public relationship and being from a show that doesn’t have the biggest success rate in terms of things working out … it’s a lot of pressure,” she said.

She then took aim at Darvid, who was the first to publicly announce on Instagram that the two have parted ways. According to the reality TV star, she was completely blindsided and had no idea he was going to release a statement regarding their relationship.

“I had no choice in any part of it going public,” Brooke said. “I would’ve preferred not to, but it did. I feel like it was just to humiliate me, to have one over me and what else did I have to do? I was silenced, I was defenceless. I just had to cop it.”

But despite things not working out the way she expected them to, Brooke said she has zero regrets for taking part in The Bachelorette, saying that she still “pinch[es] herself” for being the first Indigenous person to front the franchise.

“I have no regrets about doing the show. I reckon the gravity of it and when it meant [for First Nations and LGBTQIA+ communities] to have that representation outweighs any negative.”

After the interview came out, Darvid took to his own Instagram to respond to Brooke’s claims about him, sharing a screenshot of an article from news.com.au and writing: “When will it end? This was never my intention … There’s a lot more to the story that hasn’t been shown. I’ve stayed quiet in hopes it would simmer out. Incredibly confused as to why it’s being dragged on.”

Let’s hope things don’t get messy.

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