I Tried the World’s Most Powerful At-Home Skin Laser and It’s Not Nearly as Scary as It Sounds

Per Goff’s instructions, I continued to use the LYMA Laser for 15-30 minutes every day for three months, and I’ll admit, the results are impressive. While I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I’ve seen a dramatic difference in my complexion over these last several weeks, I will say that I have seen steady improvements in its overall tone, texture, and appearance. 

For starters, it has almost completely erased the few acne scars and spots of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation that I had been struggling with for months, following a handful of stress-induced breakouts earlier this year. It has also visibly reduced the appearance of the fine lines that continue to live rent-free around the outside of my mouth, giving my skin an overall plumper, more lifted look. And then, there are my dark circles. While these dark hollows are unfortunately genetic, making them essentially immune to the countless eye creams that I have lining my bathroom shelf, I can’t help but notice that they too appear a little brighter these days. In fact, if I didn’t know any better, I would say that it looks like I’ve finally started getting a full eight hours of sleep every night, but who am I kidding? I know that’s not the case.

Now, as for the laser’s ability to address my rosacea, while I was secretly hoping that I could say it had finally freed me from the constant flare-ups and flushing, the fact of the matter is, that’s just not how it works. Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin condition that is triggered by a wide array of environmental, dietary, and genetic factors, including sunlight, excessive heat, stress, and certain foods. As Goff explains, while the laser itself cannot get rid of rosacea, it can help treat some of the symptoms—the results of which are well-documented on the brand’s site

That said, while the laser didn’t help reduce the number of flare-ups I experienced (I’m still trying to determine what my triggers are), it did drastically reduce the severity of my symptoms, including the overall redness and dryness of my skin. As a result, my complexion is now significantly brighter, smoother, and more even and hydrated, which is all to say that the LYMA Laser works and I, for one, am completely sold.