15 Rich Body Butters for Touchably Soft Skin

With all of the moisturizers, serums, and makeup products we put on our faces, our bodies need a little TLC, too. Especially if you live in a cold climate or have either dehydrated or dry skin (yes, there is a difference). After all, the skin is our body’s largest organ, and it deserves to be pampered in its entirety (that means beyond just your face).

One way to give yourself an all-over glow is to use body butter—an uber-rich alternative to body lotion. Body butters are denser in texture than traditional lotions and often made with indulgent ingredients like shea and cocoa butter, along with Argan, avocado, and grapeseed oils. This results in a rich buttery consistency (hence the name) that is emollient and occlusive, which helps soften the body and keep moisture locked in.

Ahead, we’ve curated 15 of our favorite body butters that promise to transform skin from flaky to fabulous in just one dollop. Slather these decadent creams on today for a smoother, more hydrated glow tomorrow.