Australian Survivor: Twitter Can’t Stop Chirping About This Random Bird

The editors of Australian Survivor: Blood Vs. Water are the official MVPs of tonight’s episode, according to Twitter.

Some B-roll footage of a (rather iconic) bird has gone viral online after viewers noticed its very timely placement in the episode.

If you missed it, let us set the scene for you.

After attempting to blindside Sophie Cachia out of the game, the Red tribe was shocked to realise that although they’d successfully voted her off of their tribe, Sophie wasn’t out of the game.

Rather, she’d been tribe swapped over to the Blue tribe, where she was reunited with her sister, K.J., as well as all of the Red tribe’s loved ones.

The day after the non-elimination, Sam–who’d been one of Sophie’s strongest allies before she flipped on her–was recalling Sophie’s reaction as the votes were being read out.

“Sophie is a powerful woman, and the moment votes were going her way, I could just feel her gaze coming to me, and she was burning into my soul,” Sam recounted.

It was in that moment that the editors chose to cut to a shot of a bird with a rather menacing stare, looking directly into the camera.

Fans of the show were quick to pick up on the timely placement of this footage, and tweeted their appreciation for the shady little edit.

Meanwhile, others just really liked the bird and wanted to know more.

One user speculated that the editors had simply been forced to resort to using the bird, because Sophie’s animal of choice — the lioness — wasn’t on hand at Charter Towers for reaction shots.

After the tribe swap, Sophie had pledged revenge on her former tribe mates, saying that “the lioness [had] been handed over to [their] loved ones”.

And finally, here’s another tweet that made us laugh tonight, as a treat:

Will Sophie be able to become the lioness she sees herself as, and pick off the loved ones of her former tribe mates, one by one? Or will she be forced to say bye bye, birdie? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure: this bird is an icon, and we want to see more, TBH!

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