Every A-Lister Is Wearing a Toi et Moi Ring Right Now

A ring with so much history still has a long future ahead of it. Wegman says her brand “foresees women purchasing this ring for themselves as a right-hand ring because it feels less bridal than a traditional engagement ring, trending more toward a cocktail statement ring.” 

For engagement rings, shoppers are playing with the creative aspect. “Our clients are using family heirlooms and adding a second stone such as their birthstone, or they are combining a diamond and a gemstone to portray the birthstone of the bride or groom,” says Gottlieb.

For a push present or anniversary gift, “clients are upgrading their original engagement ring and matching it with a new diamond to create a substantial two-stone design,” she adds. 

Suppose you’re thinking of investing in this type of style. In that case, “the most important thing is to love each stone you select because that is where your investment is, and perhaps one day, you may want to separate the stones,” says Gottlieb. “It’s also important to play around with different diamond faceting, proportions, layout, and even carat size to create a design that’s unique to you,” says Wegman. 

Gottlieb concurs that these elements will separate a stunning creation from a piece that may have two individually beautiful stones but that perhaps don’t sing in combination. She adds that it’s important to incorporate balance so one stone doesn’t steal the spotlight. 

While there are many ways to customize the ring, ready-to-wear options are also available. So, whether you create your own piece or consciously select a vintage ring, the Toi et Moi offers unlimited personalization opportunities that can help you tell your love story in your own unique way.