A Retrospective on Jonah Hill’s Glorious, Gucci-fied Glow-Up

If someone told you 15 years ago (aka peak Superbad era) that Jonah Hill would be the GQ-covering, Gucci-wearing style icon of the future, you’d probably never believe it. Still, in 2022, there’s no denying that Jonah Hill is a bona fide muse. It has become a fact of life, comparable to knowing that Julia Fox and Kanye West’s relationship is a ruse for publicity—sorry, someone had to say it.

Though the Superbad actor has been an on-screen sensation for well over a decade, it’s only recently that his attire has caught up to his megastar status. Previously, Hill’s fashion sense was a constant rotation of checked shirts, jeans, and all-black outfits, evoking a certain alt-boy sensibility. While it wasn’t something to write home about or add to your Pinterest board, it got the actor from A to B.

Over recent years, Hill has found his footing in the world of fashion, opting for playful looks that showcase his newfound confidence and reflect his fun-loving personality. His outfit for the Don’t Look Up premiere (a robin’s egg blue Gucci suit and Venetian slippers) says it all: he has graduated from the boy next door to the sure-footed man about town.