It’s Time to Stop Sleeping on Olivia Rodrigo’s Style Choices—Here’s Why

What do you wear when visiting the White House? For Olivia Rodrigo, the answer is a vintage, bubblegum pink Chanel suit. While many of us would run to to the new arrivals section at Saks when being invited to speak with President Joe Biden, the singer donned a tweed co-ord from Spring 1995—one of Karl Lagerfeld’s best collections for the brand. True to form, Rodrigo put her own spin on it with a pair of signature sky-high platform heels

This might seem like just another outfit, but the fashion choice was, in fact, quietly rebellious. Rather than partnering with the hottest designer du jour on something made-to-measure that’ll ultimately wind up in a landfill, Rodrigo plucked something from the past—a move that’s inspiring others to take similar steps towards sustainability with their own closets.

This thoughtful approach to shopping is unsurprising. As part of Gen Z, otherwise known as the Depop generation, Rodrigo has grown up in an age where secondhand is celebrated, and information surrounding clothing consumption is becoming more and more accessible. That said, it makes sense that she’d share a desire to create a wardrobe that is as unique as it is thoughtful. It’s a philosophy that she not only follows, but encourages. 

Following the success of her singles deja vu and drivers license, the singer collaborated with Depop on a shop where fans could buy pieces featured in both music videos, such as retro sunglasses and silk headscarves that would rival Grace Kelly herself. By matching her wardrobe with her values, Rodrigo is simultaneously curating outfits that make us and Mother Nature proud.