11 Eye Makeup Removers That Simplify Your Cleansing Routine

When it comes to beauty, there are a few rules—the most important of which is to never go to bed with makeup on. Ever. Speaking in absolutes may seem extreme, but in this case, we’re adamant in making our case. Consider this ultimate PSA: improper (or straight-up, lack of) eye makeup removal can affect eye, lash, and brow health. And yes, we know, we know: the last thing we want to do at the end of a long day is remove our makeup, but trust us. With the right eye makeup remover, it’ll feel less like an obligation and more like a staple part of your evening skincare ritual. Of course, thorough facial cleansing is equally important, as this will save your silk pillowcases and sheets from hard-to-clean mascara smudges.

To avoid brittle lashes and unwanted styes, clean the makeup from your eyes; it’s as simple as that. These are 11 of the best eye makeup removers of all time, all tried-and-true expert favorites or top-rated, best-selling staples.