On The State of Fashion: The Kanye West Style Effect on Julia Fox, Amber Rose, and Kim Kardashian (Plus All His Looks from Couture Fashion Week)

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An Excerpt, “Kanye West has been making his mark on Paris Men’s Fashion and Paris Couture Fashion Week with a new girlfriend in tow: Julia Fox. And in true Kanye Fashion, his stylish penchants have already rubbed off on the young actress, artist, model, and filmmaker, who said on her Forbidden Fruits podcast, ” Honey, I’ve dated billionaires my entire adult life, let’s keep it real. Kanye has a tendency to be very directional when it comes to the style choices of the women he dates. Outside of normal coupledom, Kanye acts as creative director, with him sticking to neutrals in the background, while his ladies shine in classic colors, combos, and fabric choices. “
His go tos include denim on denim, black on black, and red dresses.

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