These 18 Musk Perfumes Are the Definition of Fragrance Seduction

“At the beginning, [musks] were used in only fine fragrances, as natural musk was very precious,” explains Kurkdjian. “Later, synthetic musks became more popular among perfumers as they gave an indescribable aura to scents, with a long-lasting effect. This development later led to the discovery of multiple different types of synthetic musks with different facets, including powdery, clean, animalistic, fruity, woody, etc.” 

Beloved for its staying power and multifaceted aroma, musk is hailed most often for its versatility, appearing as part of the top, heart, and bottom notes, and can be used to either soften and balance a fragrance or extend its longevity. In other words, it can do a little bit of everything, which is why you’ll be hard-pressed to find a perfume that doesn’t include at least some level of musk in its list of ingredients.