Unlock 2022 Vision With These New Designer Sunglasses

What is the one accessory that fashion aficionados can’t live without? We’ll cut to chase—it’s designer sunglasses. Whether used as an eye-protecting barrier for summer festivals or a tool to make the world a little bit dimmer after a night of heady cocktails (we’ve been there), specs are an essential part of our wardrobes. 

Maybe your trustiest pair of sunglasses has become brittle from overuse, or perhaps it’s flown into the sea while island-hopping. Either way, it’s likely that your collection could use a little TLC. So, to give your existing lineup the day off, we have hand-picked the best designer sunglasses on the market right now. Included in our edit: classics like Ray-Ban Aviators, fashion-forward picks like Isabel Marant’s Joany Roud Sunglasses, and everything in between. Feeling adventurous? We’ve thrown in a few bold accents that are sure to make you stand out from the crowd.