These Spring 2022 Jewelry Trends Shout “Go Big or Go Home”

ICYMI: Minimalist jewelry has reigned supreme all pandemic long. For months, the only fashion agenda in question was looking good above the keyboard—which unfussy, barely-there talismans were perfect for. Now, amidst our yo-yo between WFH and IRL life, designers are coming up with new styles to shake up the touch-and-go nature of our new normal. The result? A new class of Spring 2022 jewelry trends, which go big with maximalism and leave all else by the wayside.

As for what’s in store, chunky chokers are eclipsing threadbare necklaces, and low-key chain motifs are being replaced by colossal versions. Bursts of color formerly relegated to birthstones have cropped up on Ring Pop-sized baubles. And of course, Y2K nostalgia continues to have a hand in it all—namely, with the resurgence of bicep bracelets and chrome metals. Peruse the rest ahead.