13 Luxe Lip Liners for Faking Fuller-Looking Lips

Lip liners might make you nostalgic for low-rise pants and Y2K fashion, but they’re actually an underrated, of-the-moment makeup item. Of course, you can still channel your inner ’90s chick with a dark nude-toned liner and barely-there lip color à la Christina Aguilera, but you can also use lip liner to define your pout, fill in your lip color, or keep the lines of your favorite lipstick from feathering at the edges. Plus, full lips are in, and lip liner is a great way to cheat your way to that look sans filler. When applying lip liner, try this makeup artist hack: instead of over-lining your entire mouth, start by slightly over-lining the middle of your bottom lip and cupid’s bow to make your lips appear larger. Then, following the corners of your mouth with the line as is. The result is a natural, fuller-looking lip that’s never overdone.  

In search of bold, perfectly-defined lips? Grab a lip liner that either matches or is slightly darker than your favorite lip shade. These are some of our must-haves.