Enhance Your Pout With These 13 Neutral Lip Liners That Span the Nude Spectrum

Lip liner is a magical makeup product. In just a few swipes, you can enhance, highlight, line, and define your lips with a singular item. Not only that, but the right one can act as a matte base for lipstick, prevent color from feathering outside the lines, and instantly plump your pout to create the illusion of fuller lips—without needles. 

If you’re a lip liner newbie or simply looking for a staple shade to add to your makeup collection, nudes and neutral tones are the best places to begin. Unlike your red or pink lip liners, nude lip liners can be worn with every hue in your lipstick and lip gloss wardrobe. And thankfully, with the resurgence of this nostalgic nineties beauty staple, there are endless shades along the nude and neutral spectrum to choose from that match or create contrast with your natural lip tone. From creamy caramels to pink-tinged nudes to warm chestnut browns, behold our favorite nude lip liners.