12 Quality Hairbrushes That Will Give You the Smooth Locks of Your Dreams

In beauty, few essential products elevate both your look and your experience. While there is a plethora of new, innovative beauty indulgences on the market, results cannot be achieved without being equipped with the right tools. Case in point: We’ve proven that without the perfect makeup brushes for different steps of your routine, concealers and foundation powders can look streaky or dull. Similarly, though nourishing hair masks and styling tools are a means to healthier, sleeker strands, without the right hairbrush to build a strong foundation, hair will simply fall flat, or frizzy, or any number of other annoying hair concerns.  

From boar-bristle brushes and wide-tooth combs to delicate detangling brushes, there is an art to finding the hairbrush that best suits your hair’s needs. For instance, those with thicker, more dense hair are going to opt for a heavy-duty brush to smooth and manage their strands, while those with finer hair fare better with soft, gentle bristles, which are less damaging on the strands. No matter your hair type, once you discover which brush is essential to your every day, you will never—ever—be able to live without it. 

To prove it, we tapped some of the industry’s leading hair experts to share how to find your hairbrush soulmate, and their tips for choosing specific hairbrushes based on your hair type. It’s also important to remember, per  Naeemah Lafond, a professional hairstylist and Amika’s global artistic director, to “be particular about your hairbrushes, because they can make or break your styling experience. Keep an assortment of brushes for your different hair needs to simplify your daily routine and protect the integrity of your hair.” Ahead, discover the best hairbrushes for all hair types and styling needs.