21 Unisex Perfumes That Do All The Talking

Striking a balance between the masculine notes found in your father’s Old Spice and the floral mist that defines mothers everywhere, unisex fragrances can be an aromatic middle ground, offering a scent that is equally delicate as it is bold. However, the premise of unisex perfume is that it’s not bound to a specific gender or, in fact, specific fragrant notes; unisex perfumes can be anything—it’s fragrance without explanation. 

“All notes can be unisex,” explains Net-A-Porter’s global beauty director Newby Hands. “Now more than ever we are wearing fragrances for ourselves and how we are feeling, not for other people.” 

This no-limits approach means that not only do we have the freedom to diversify our scents, but we can also have more fun with our morning spritz. “Unisex perfumes bring a new dimension to fragrance,” says Hands. “I share several scents with my husband, and it’s so interesting to see how different they can smell on him.”