Achieve a Believable Bronze With These 13 Self Tanners for Fair Skin

Whether it’s the middle of summer and you want to avoid sun damage or the dead of winter and you need a glow, self-tanner is the ultimate holy grail product. That said, if you have fair skin, using a self-tanner can take a wrong turn quickly. Cheeto-orange skin and unsightly streaks that scream “fake” can cause those with fair complexions to spiral.

So, what does one look for in a self-tanner for fair skin? “A slow gradual tanning product made to enhance color over time is usually the best way to control the overall look,” says Dr. Ava Shamban, a Los Angeles-based board-certified cosmetic dermatologist. “Subtlety is key here. These super lightweight, transfer-free formulas deliver just a shade or two of sun tones at a time—and that’s really all you need.”

With the right self-tanner that’s made to work with your pale complexion, you can fake it ‘til you make it. Ahead, we’ve gathered the best self-tanners for fair skin so everyone can get in on the faux-glow fun.