Make Your Ringlets Pop With the 10 Best Mousses for Curly Hair

There’s always a learning curve that comes with mastering your hair texture, but those with curly and coily hair types arguably face the biggest challenge. For many years, the majority of beauty brands didn’t cater to these textures, with specialized products being a rarity and education about styling and maintenance even harder to find. Thankfully, the natural hair movement and other advancements in the industry have pushed hair brands to expand their offerings for curly strands.

One of the most important product types for curls is mousse. “Mousse is a foam that is used to give the hair definition and hold,” says Sarah Manzone, a stylist at NYC’s Spoke & Weal salon. “[For this hair type,] it also helps fight frizz and tame curls.” An even application of a generous amount of mousse before air-drying or heat-styling will make your curl pattern pop and stay popping.

To help you show off your enviable natural texture, we’ve rounded up some of the best mousses for curly hair, whether your strands are fine and wavy or thick and coarse. Just stick to Manzone’s rule of thumb when testing the below formulas: “The thicker and curlier the hair, the stronger the product,” she says, noting that fine hair is better suited to lighter mousses. “There are a lot of different ones, so try a few to find what works.” We couldn’t agree more—read on and start filling your shopping cart.