Arrive at Your Destination in Style With These 11 Useful Garment Bags

Garment bags may sound boring and utilitarian, but they’re hugely helpful in transporting your  best clothes (from power suits to gorgeous gowns) so that they arrive safely and wrinkle-free to your destination. Plus, thanks to stylish options that balance sophistication and functionality, you can select a garment bag that will match or coordinate with your favorite designer luggage.

 There are some fantastic, no-fuss garment bags made from plastic and nylon, as well as tons of crazy cool finds that feature thoughtful leather detailing, luxe gold hardware, and even some classic monogrammed designs. Whether you want something that stands out amongst the rest or something low-key and purely functional, we found 11 of the best garment bags on the market for every price point and need. From designer picks to classic luggage brands, keep scrolling to see the best garment bags for every type of fashionable traveler. With these handy bags, there’s no need to break out the hotel iron, your clothes will arrive good as new..