10 Intoxicating Kilian Fragrances We Just Can’t Stop Sniffing

Perfumes that draw inspiration from expensive spirits and rolling on ecstasy could only be conceived by one creative mastermind: Kilian Hennessy. His last name should ring a bell—it’s that Hennessy, the eponymous luxury cognac house and the H of iconic brand conglomerate LVMH.

In journalism school, Hennessy wrote his thesis about the language of scent, having been intrigued by fragrance since he was a boy. That curiosity led him to pursue a career in perfume, training under the best noses in the world and working for iconic brands such as Dior, McQueen, and Armani.

He decided to found his own eponymous brand, By Kilian (now simply KILIAN) in 2007. “I wanted to put perfumery back on its pedestal by going back to the truth about perfume; back to the way perfume was made in the late 19th and the early 20th century, but adding a contemporary twist at the same time,” Hennessy has said. By creating innovative blends and housing them in sensual packaging that evokes everything from crystal decanters to jewelry, he’s done just that. (It makes sense, then, that Rihanna is a fan.)

Whether you’re a fragrance aficionado who’s familiar with the brand or a newcomer to this corner of the world of perfume, keep reading. We’ve sniffed an assortment of KILIAN fragrances to narrow them down to 10 must-try KILIAN perfumes worth adding to your fragrance wardrobe.