These 12 Floral Perfumes Are Like A Bouquet in a Bottle

If you think floral scents should be relegated to your grandma’s vanity, think again. There’s a reason that the floral scent family is one of the most commonly used in perfumes. It’s timeless, soft, and versatile enough to be worn by anyone. There are even some unisex perfumes that have begun to favor florals. Plus, contrary to popular belief, a good floral scent can be worn all year round (not just in the spring and summer months). 

Feminine, romantic, and reminiscent of fresh-cut blooms, we believe floral perfumes are undeniably classic. They may not be as sexy as a musk perfume, but they take the cake when it comes to femininity. From peonies and roses to daisies and gardenias, these once old-school scents are like bouquets in a bottle, encapsulating your favorite flower into a smell that will linger on you all day. Spritz one on and you’ll be transported to a botanical garden (or simply feel a little more sophisticated). 

But just as every flower is unique, so is every floral perfume. Some are bolder and more intense, while others are more powdery, or ever-so-slightly sweet. To find your perfect match, we’ve rounded up some of the best and most iconic floral fragrances on the market. Take it from us: Floral perfumes are officially making a modern day comeback.