Hermès Sandals Are Spring’s Must-Have Shoes—These 9 Top Our List

Sure, Birkin bags are great, but Hermès has more claims to fame than just its iconic carryalls. As ardent fans of the French brand will tell you, one of its most adored categories is its footwear. Hermès sandals are every minimalist’s secret weapon—each pair is discrete, luxe, and made from the finest Italian leathers. Needless to say, if chunky pool slides or designer dad sandals aren’t your thing, you’ll find something from Hermès that suits your taste. 

We’ve developed a list of winning silhouettes from across Hermès’ repertoire, each with the brand’s signifier, a simple “H” shape, slyly tucked in here and there. Peruse cult favorites, such as the celebrity-loved Oran sandal, and discover new additions to the fashion house’s lineup, like the Egerie. Then, be sure to check out our end-all, be-all guide to securing your very own Hermès Birkin for that matching bag-shoe moment.