The Smarter Way to Choose the Right Hat for Women

It is a known fact that women take fashion seriously. Whether going on a date, hanging out with friends, a job, or simply staying indoors, a woman will put a lot of thought into their outfit. One accessory that has been catching headlines lately is the hat. There are many types of hats that allow you to stand out in a crowd. You are spoilt for choice, from cowboy styles, trucker hats, army hats, baseball caps, big-rimmed, and many others. Simply put, hats add a touch of fun to any outfit.

If you have been wearing a hat, you already know how much of a fashion statement they make. However, if this is something you have seen before, but you are unsure how to incorporate it into your wardrobe, you have come to the right place. When choosing a hat, you cannot just pick one and put it on. There are several things to consider to help you make the right decision. You also have to keep up with hat etiquette, depending on where you are. In the article below, get to learn what is the smart way to choose a hat.

Your Face

The shape of your face will determine whether a hat is right for you. To help you out, here are a few common face shapes and the types of hats that go well with them.

  • Round: When you have a round face, look for hats with the exact opposite features. Angular styles work best for you. Try something like a cloche or fedora. A beanie hat can also work if you pull it low so that it looks like it is elongating your face.
  • Oval: A person with an oval face gets to enjoy any type of hat.
  • Square: A square face has angular features, and wearing hats at a similar angle can exaggerate those features. Instead, soften up your facial features with womens straw cowboy hats and sun hats. Your face can also go well with a cloche.
  • Heart: This type of face can benefit from cowboy hats, sun hats, or a fedora.
  • Triangular: With this type of face, go with hats that have a narrow brim.


When choosing the right color for an occasion, you should factor in your outfit, hairstyle, makeup, and skin color. Most people will choose the outfit they want, then select the right hat to go with it. Others will start with the hat, then find an outfit that complements it. However, it is good to also look at more than the outfit and factor in your skin tone as well. Find a hat color that matches your skin tone. When it comes to makeup, note that your eyes and lips are likely to get a lot of attention when wearing a hat. Eyes with a dark brown depth go well with beige hats. When your eyes have lighter shades, you can try dark hats for contrast or light colors as complementary.


Hats come in a variety of textures, and this is something you should take advantage of when choosing a style. You may have two hats of the same color, but their texture will make a difference to how they look. There are rougher, softer, woven perforated, and rigid hats. When deciding on the texture, think of the hairstyle you want to rock. For instance, if you wear an upturned hairstyle, go with wool-felt textures rather than something rough. If you are simply wearing your hair down, you do not have any restrictions in terms of texture.

Your Style

A hat also needs to complement your personal style. If you wear preppy clothes, the right hats for you include a fedora, beret, and Breton. On the other hand, if you are leaning towards a boho style, some stylish hats to consider include fedoras and berets. A beanie or bowler hat is suitable for a tomboy or grunge look.

The Correct Fit

When buying a hat, do not just look at how beautiful it is, also ensure it fits correctly. A small fitting will end up leaving red marks on your forehead, while a big hat will look out of place. Certain hats like baseball caps have adjustable straps on the back. Others have fixed sizes, meaning you have to get the correct size.

The Occasion

While some hats are good for weddings, others are ideal for a hockey game, and some are good for dinner. There are so many hats, but wearing the wrong one for the occasion makes you stand out and not in a good way.


Another way to choose the hat is to consider its functionality. Beanies are not only fashionable, but they will help keep you warm in cold weather. On the other hand, most broad-brimmed hats are great for going to the beach as they will help keep the sun from your face.

These are simple guidelines allowing you to narrow down on the right hat among the wide variety that is out there. Also, make style magazines and the internet your friend when looking for the best way to wear a hat.