10 Purple Hair Masks That Will Keep Your Blonde Locks in Check

Blondes may have more fun (as the saying goes), but it’s certainly no fun keeping up with the maintenance of golden tresses. From regular touch-ups to keeping brassiness at bay, it’s a full-time job keeping blonde hair looking natural and fresh. Aside from using shampoos and conditioners recommended by your stylist, there are some things you can do at home to preserve the life and color of your locks, such as using a purple hair mask. Why purple? Just like color correction in makeup (where applying green can neutralize redness), the same theory can be applied to hair by using the color wheel.

Colors on opposite sides of the color wheel—also known as complementary colors—neutralize each other. Purple is the complementary color to yellow, which is why using a purple hair mask works so well to combat brassiness. If you have bright, ashy blonde, gray, or silver hair, these masks are for you. Just keep in mind: These should only be used once a week in place of your conditioner. Over use (or use for too long) can lead to temporary  staining of your strands.

To get you your most beautiful blonde, we rounded up 10 of the best purple hair masks for all of your brass-busting needs.