7 Expert Tips For Nailing Every Fashion Look This Holiday Season

Dressing during silly season can be a struggle for a few reasons:

  1. There are so many events, you don’t want to outfit repeat too much.
  2. How to look cute but also be comfy because there is always so much food.
  3. The weather is constantly changing, so how do we layer effectively while still looking fab?
  4. With so many occasions, December can be the most fabulous but also most exhausting month of the year, but somehow, we’ve got to stay creative and inspired with our fashion choices.

For me, it’s mostly #4. I love dressing up, but sometimes I lack outfit inspiration and the stress of getting ready can be all too much sometimes.

Creative Director and fashion queen Holly Titheridge gets the struggle, but she reckons that going fancy is never a bad idea.

“If you’re like me, then there’s often the debate in your head about whether you should wear your fanciest outfits, ,” she tells POPSUGAR AU, “but it’s always a YES!”

“Given some special events were unable to be enjoyed this year, it’s important to embrace those we love and create special memories as we bring in 2022 in style — and why not look our best when we do it?”

Holly also believes in the power of comfort and dressing smarter, not harder.

Here are Holly’s top seven tips for getting your wardrobe prepared for the holiday season.

Keep It Timelessly Classic

My go-to look for an end-of-year function is something short, sheer with subtle details. I love working with a timeless all-black look – a leather mini skirt and a sheer top complement each other perfectly. Pair it with a pair of classic high heels and a fashion forward bag and you have yourself a sleek, standout look for a fun night out! For this look, I shopped at Westfield Direct where I got this Cue top and crop, black leather skirt from Saba and clutch bag from Sorry Thanks I Love You.

Consider Comfort

When it comes to Christmas day, there isn’t a one-outfit answer. If you usually enjoy relaxing around the house or will be hosting indoor festivities, then it’s important to combine fashion and comfort – because no outfit will get in the way of my Christmas feast. This year, I’m opting for a stylish stretchy knit number that I’ll be comfortable in all day long! I like to style it with a small heel and classic bag to compliment the summer weather. Want the look? Shop Ted Baker, Nine West and Jo Mercer.

Go For a Standout Look

It’s important to ring in 2022 with a stylish outfit – anything silky, sparkly or shiny is where it is at for NYE! A luxe silky dress will capture the light perfectly as you boogie into the early hours of the morning. NYE celebrations are the perfect time to wear an open back dress, paired with a statement pair of earrings and standout heels! This gorgeous dress can be shopped at Charcoal, and why not pair it with shoes from Freelance Shoes.

Add a Touch of Festive

I often get asked how you can style a look to show some festive cheer. I’m a very understated kind of gal so my festive touch is a bold red lip or colourful accessorises… it’s important to keep it fashionable.

Embrace Textures

Throughout the summer months, I’m all about playing with textures – whether it be a lightweight knit, a fun silky, leather or sheer number. It’s important to have fun with textures to add an edgy element to your look!

Dress For the Occasion

When it comes to preparing for the festive season, don’t be afraid to ask about the dress code. How ‘glam’ I go is dependent on what sort of function it is and what time of the day. Day time events see me wearing a slightly longer-length hemline and smaller heels, whereas for night-time events, mid-length options and higher heels will be sure to make an appearance. And if you’re the social butterfly going from one event to the next, go for something versatile that you can elevate once you remove a layer, or by adding a smoky eye.

Sparkle the Night Away

Don’t be scared to gravitate to sparkles and shine including your makeup. When more is more, I can’t go past a bold matte lip with shimmery eyeshadow. It’s a match made in heaven!