Give Winter the Cold Shoulder With These Fabulous Spring Jackets

Picture this: it’s April 25th. It’s not too hot, yet not too cold—all you need is a light jacket. (According to Miss Congeniality, that is.) What type of jacket are you arming yourself with for that perfect spring day? The season is famously unpredictable, one where winter lingers in the background like a persistent ex. You start your mornings with a warm top layer only to find out, come lunchtime, the temperature has risen and that shearling coat you’re wearing is now a heavy hindrance. 

That’s why it’s important to welcome a stellar spring jacket into your outerwear rotation; a garment that is stylish, yet practical enough to see you through rain, wind, or shine. Whether you want a traditional Burberry Trench Coat or a contemporary update on the classic denim jacket, we have hand-picked the best spring jackets so you can shed your winter cladding and look forward to sunnier days ahead.