Clinique’s Almost Lipstick in Black Honey Is the Only TikTok Beauty Trend With Staying Power

Without makeup, my complexion can appear mellow and dullish-brown. Without lipstick, my lips vanish altogether, and I get asked questions like, “Are you feeling okay?” So, I have to swipe something on my lips to look like I’m surviving and thriving. Don’t ask me to do a full-on lip every day, though—because, let’s face it, I’m lazy.

I like Black Honey because it’s uncomplicated. You don’t need a liner, a steady hand, or even a mirror to apply it. Just swipe the lipstick straight from the tube, and you’re good to go. As for the dark color? When I first opened it up, my initial thought was, this may be better suited for Halloween. Indeed, the shade is so moody I felt like I was in an Anne Rice novel. However, as the TikTokers said, the lipstick swiped on sheer and transformed into a soft berry tint. Black Honey saturated my lips with a deeper, more natural-looking tone that gave me that coveted no-makeup-makeup look.

I also love that when the color faded (after a few hours), it never left me with that weird half-on half-off look that appears sloppy and unkempt. After eating, drinking, and kissing my husband and kids, my lips always kept a nice subtle tint. Black Honey also gave my lips a healthy-looking shine and kept them moisturized all day, even better than my go-to balm.