12 Travel Journals to Pack for Your Next Big Trip

When a friend and I took off on “Beach Tour 2002,” our whirlwind version of a backpacking trip through Europe, we brought a journal with us. Not yet college graduates, we wanted to document everything about our adventures and so we did. Almost 20 years later, a flip through these old pages always sparks joy. 

If you’ve never chronicled an overseas adventure, I highly recommend it. Journaling, of any kind, has myriad health benefits, from improving mindfulness to helping achieve goals. Writing your feelings down can make it easier to process a situation—such as new sights, sounds, tastes, and smells—especially while on vacation. Make note of restaurants, shops, hotels, or any other place you may have loved. Your words will serve as a guide for future journeys. 

Ready to try it out? The first step is finding the perfect journal; shop our favorite ones, geared explicitly toward traveling, below.