Parcelle Wine Is Like Having a Sommelier for a Best Friend

Grant Reynolds loves to talk. He loves to talk food. He loves to talk wine. Especially wine. And he loves to talk about conversation. In fact, he’s pretty sure that conversation is the key to educating people about wine, poking holes in the snobbery that too often surrounds the discussion, and is absolutely essential to uncovering and uncorking the right wine at the right time. 

“For Parcelle Wines,” he says, “it’s all about having a conversation with our customers and having a more human experience around wine.” 

Reynolds, 33, is a sommelier and restaurant veteran who founded the online wine shop Parcelle in 2019 in hopes of extending the kind of wine experience that his patrons were having in his restaurants as a delivery service. 

“We see that there are a handful of exceptional small boutique wine shops out there,” he says, “but we also saw that as far as delivery and e-commerce, there was a race to the bottom selling junk wine and vodka and hard seltzer. We are trying to connect our customer base within the restaurants to the high-quality producers and wines that we care about wherever they live.”