Stuck On What to Watch? Check Out the Top 10 Shows and Movies on Netflix Australia


With the weekend fast approaching, there’s no better way to spend Friday night than tucked in, with some great food and a good flick to watch on Netflix. 

But picking a title to sit through is a lot more difficult than one may think, and there are factors that need to be considered before committing to a movie or a show.

How much time do you have? What genre are you in the mood for? Are you watching alone or is there someone with you?  

Thankfully, we’re here to help. Usually, we’re all about going against the grain and being different, but when it comes to entertainment, if other people are liking something then chances are you will too.

Which is why, when Netflix released their top 10 most-watched movies and TV shows over the past week, we had to jump on board.

Some don’t come as a surprise, while others are completely unexpected. So if you’re stuck on what to watch, check out the top 10 titles from Netflix over the past week:

Top 10 TV Shows on Netflix Australia

  1. Maid: Limited Series
  2. Big Mouth – Season 5
  3. Narcos: Mexico – Season 3
  4. You – Season 3
  5. Squid Game
  6. Mom – Season 1
  7. Dynasty – Season 4
  8. Arcane
  9. Catching Killers
  10. Mom – Season 2

Top 10 Movies on Netflix Australia

  1. Red Notice
  2. Love Hard
  3. The Harder They Fall
  4. Father Christmas is Back
  5. Cold Pursuit
  6. Army of Thieves
  7. My Spy
  8. The Gentlemen
  9. Knives Out
  10. Yara